Specialist for Specialization

How can I become unique in my professional field ?

From a higher point of view, most of the people are 99.9% the same respectively inter­change­able. Only a 0.1% part really differs from other people or competitors. This 0.1% is what makes them unique. I analyze you in such a small detail that you can recognize the differing aspects. If you specialize in that 0.1%, you are unique.

What does that bring you ?

With each speciali­zation, your foreign value increases. The more highly qualified receive more money. In addition, focusing on your essential qualities in­creases the meaning­fulness of your pro­fessional life. By specializing in yourself and removing all exhausting masks and foreign parts, you won't waiste valueable life energy anymore, which are needed to keep the show going !

How do you get there ?

The 100% dedication to your 0.1% uniqueness requires time, patience, courage, humility, awareness and clarity. Achieving 0.1% corresponds to standing out from the human or entrepreneurial collective and is a continuous process that can also extend across different professions or industries. Matter is much more inert than spirit, so the 0.1% represents a long-term goal. If you can already remove the 80% from your life that do not belong to you, then you have already achieved much more than most people in the industrial countries.

Is your pro­fessional field right ?

A speciali­zation that conforms to your essence includes not only the technical depth of know­ledge, competence and qualifi­cation, but all aspects of your being. This also includes the pro­fessional field in which this speciali­zation is embedded: is it really for you, does it fit your current phase of life? Because with speciali­zation everything intensifies many times over, so you should only specialize in a field that gives you pleasure and in which you want to advance.

If you would like support on this path ...

... e.g. because due to operational blindness you should not have any clarity about what exactly your essential qualities are, which you could use professionally or would just like to have a second opinion, then you are welcome to book an individual appointment with me:

Investment: 84 EUR (72 GBP / 102 USD / 92 CHF) VAT inclusive. Duration between 45 and 90 minutes per session. Consulting via telephone, video or messenger-call. Time zone for the slots shown in the booking calender is: UTC+01/UTC+02 (CET/CEST).

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