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Wiki (FAQ) on the subject of individuality, self-realization and specialization


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What you should know about individualization, self-realization and specialization.

01. Are there are different types and forms of individualization?

02. What is the difference between individualization and specialization?

03. What is the connection between self-realization and specialization / individualization?

04. Is self-realization an 'ego number'?

05. Is generalization (a generalist) really the opposite of specialization (a specialist)?

06. What is better: generalization or specialization?

07. What are reason to specialize?

08. What are important prerequisites and criteria for a successful specialization?

09. Is there a right time to specialize?

10. How do you achieve a unique position, do you become more in demand and not arbitrarily interchangeable in your professional field?

11. What exactly is the Cashcow-Talent?

12. BLOG: further leading articles on the topic of nature­conforming speciali­zation

13. VLOG: Videos on the subject of nature­conforming specialization (in German language)

Are there are different types and forms of individualization ?

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The individualization can be seen as a process of miniaturization and detachment from a unit / mixture down to the smallest possible component.

Separation from the whole / unit (unity consciousness) in the ego experience / consciousness (perception of one's own identity).

In addition, there are different wishes for individualization, i.e. separation from a group, a clan, in order to build up an independent identity, i.e. no longer defining oneself through a group.

This is partly cultur and consciousness dependent. While a Chinese family man might feel lucky that his 6 days/week assembly line job allows him to support his entire family, a German family man might be unhappy due to his need for individuality and to stand out from an anthill.

Some see a family or a clan as part of themselves and are there for each other unconditionally and as a matter of course (outside the family / clan only to a limited extent), others, on the other hand, cannot do anything with group formation and are completely satisfied with themselves.

Some define themselves through genes and honor the ancestral lineage, others invoke gene changes within a lifetime through consciousness or completely cut off their ancestral lineage in order not to continue transmitted patterns and programming.

So the answer to the question is yes, it depends entirely on the development/experience desire of the souls or the creator intention of our higher selves for the respective incarnation, which is shown externally in the form of the place of birth or the family setting.

What is the difference between individualization and specialization?

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Indivi­dualization is usually related to a person and everything that makes him special and includes the word 'individuality' (Latin = indiviso = undivided), the totality of the peculiarities of an individual being.

The specialization is usually placed in a pro­fessional context and includes the specialist = expert = luminary.

However, a pro­fessional speciali­zation can also be seen as a professional individualization if all aspects of someones being are included and not just the ability to perform a specific task with higher quality and efficiency.

In today's world with the current quality of time, it is time to combine both aspect in pro­fessional life, because what is the point if, for example, the technical / cognitive / intellectual / manual performance of a job is performed, but this is not used in everyday professional life can, e.g. due to a lack of desire to communicate with people?

What is the connection between self-realization and specialization / individualization?

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According to my definition, self-realization includes the materialization of the so-called 'higher' self intention, that is the authority that lies beyond what is cognitively comprehensible and is often equated with a so-called individual soul plan.

All people are unique, both inside and out. If the indivi­dualization and speciali­zation takes place in the sense of the soul plan or an intention of the higher self (which could also be called a 'God spark'), then in my opinion the human being is self-realized as an individual being.

This is noticeable, for example, in the fact that he can no longer be copied in everything he is, does and has.

However, then there would be a standstill, so self-realization can only be a constant path and not a goal.

Because when a truth is found, the next cosmos usually opens up and you know once again that you know nothing.

In my opinion, it is necessary to not regard the soul plan as fixed (as defined by the ideas of essentialism) but to combine what you have brought with you with your very own creative power to be able to constantly reinvent yourself (ideas of existentialism).

Is self-realization an 'ego number' ?

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Yes, if you act not in synch with your soul's plan or the creator's intention of your higher self ('God's plan for you').

'Yo', if you are devotedly and humbly materializing and embodying your higher self's creator intent ('God's plan for you') in your earthly life.

It may sound contradictory, but when you are completely with yourself, you are best for your environment, so out of your egoism comes altruism.

It is still in the separated ego where the realization occurs, but from a higher truth that always serves the unity.

Is generalization (a generalist) really the opposite of specialization (a specialist) ?

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The answer is yes and no.

If you understand specialization as a restriction to a sub-area, then yes. If one understands the specialization in its essence as the way to become an expert in one's profession, then the answer is: no.

The word specialization already contains the specialist, i.e. the expert, the luminary.

Generalists, all­rounders, versatile or jacks of all trades are needed in many professions, e.g. in company management, management, as a general medical practitioner, etc...

But that doesn't mean that those working in these professions aren't experts, on the contrary: they are specialized in having an overview, mostly interdisciplinary. Or e.g. to be a specialist in the skillful delegation of tasks and to have the right nose for business potential, as with the managing director is certainly an advantage.

As in all other professions, there are specialists and non-specialists. The linguistic opposite of a specialist is namely a layman, amateur, beginner, all-rounder, inexperienced, newcomer.

Whereas synonyms for a specialist are: authority, expert, capacity, luminary, connoisseur, connoisseur, master, professional , etc...

High­talent is often necessary in order to maintain a high level of expertise across disciplines.

But also, of course, interest and talent about different topics are the reason for the ability to have in-depth knowledge or high knowledge in the most diverse areas to acquire skills.

What is better: generalization or specialization ?

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Based on the essence of the word specialization described above, namely becoming or being a specialist = expert in what you do, the question no longer arises.

The question is rather: what about your cognitive abilities for completely different subject areas and what are your interestss like ?

Example: You studied music and business administration and completed both courses with flying colors or even received your doctorate in them.

In order to become a true master of your trade, it is not only the education or the talent that is decisive, but also the number of hours that you practice this activity.

The day is limited and if, for example, you were doing two jobs at the same time so that you could make full use of your gifted potential, then it simply takes longer until you really become a master of the respective subject, because your energy and attention is split.

Another example would be that you have no potential or interest in deepening your knowledge or skills in a professional field, but are more interested in in this leading people, setting creative impulses without having to implement them, leading projects or coordinative tasks love and can.

In this case, the topic of the professional field does not really serve you for specialization but is merely the embedding of your true deepening or self-realization desire.

But it is a matter of specialization, because you also limit yourself to one topic or one type of activity and deepen your expertise in it more and more.

What are reason to specialize?

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Seven possible motivations:

1. Your profession­field is so large and diverse that it is impossible to cover the entire spectrum in high quality.

2. Science, research, deepening your knowledge on exactly one topic gives you joy and you are passionately interested in finding out more and more.

3. A lot of money is paid for your special know­ledge and your specialized qualifications, it is in demand, has a high ethical or social status or is simply valued to a great extent by those around you.

4. With your niche or specialization, you stand out from the crowd and make yourself unique and individual.

5. Building a successful speciali­zation requires energy and perseverance. If you were to position yourself broadly, each of your offers would only get a fraction of your attention. Therefore it is better to invest 100% of your energy into a theme that conforms to your nature.

6. Higher-qualified receive more money and are more in demand.

7. You only have island talents or abilities (e.g. due to interests) that make it impossible for you to obtain a general university entrance qualification.

What are important pre­requisites and criteria for successful specialization ?

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Professional practice shows twelve aspects, of which as many as possible should be fulfilled:

1. To have talent or a gift for your professional field.

2. Having space and time where you can forge or materialize your talent (workplace, training, practice room, studies, free time, hobbies, further education).

3. Interest, enthusiasm or enjoyment for the topic.

4. You love your professional field, which you would like to deepen. For specialization is a devoted process of intensification. If specialization were only done to earn more money, the long-term result would be frustration, burnout or failure.

5. Your preferred professional field is suitable for specialization. Some professional fields live explicitly from generalization, e.g. a managing director or general practitioner.

6. Your personality traits, your psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical constellation or your cognitive abilities are suitable for the respective specialization.

7. You do it for you, not for the recognition of your person by an outside or for a request that absolutely needs to be answered (but of course one does not exclude the other the end).

8. You have the self-reflection and also the wide-ranging knowledge of your profession in order not to be de­graded to nerd / geek. Specialist idiocy is characterized by the fact that experts (have to) have tunnel vision, but can no longer see the big picture. The perfect specialist recognizes this dilemma and puts his topic into perspective to the right extent and involves other experts, for example.

9. Not to be irritated by society's moral ideas when specializing, but to stay with yourself and your essential qualities. This already gives you an intense sense of fulfillment in your existence, no matter what others think, write or say about it.

10. You have perseverance.

11. With your higher qualification, you do not behave as a know-it-all, multi-skilled, smart-ass, do not terrorize your colleagues / employees / your team with constant corrections and interventions, but behave lovingly and respectfully and you can give space for your own development or practice lovingly teaching.

12. If you meet someone who has more knowledge and quali­fi­ca­tion on your luminary topic, don't compare and don't be discouraged. Rather, you should use this encounter to come into contact with your soft skills in order to identify your uniqueness, your unique place, which cannot be occupied elsewhere.

Is there a right time to specialize ?

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Yes. The timing of a specialization is essential, but depends on your specialization itself, among other things. Some specializations are fast-moving and need to be continually refreshed or replaced, others, on the other hand, are "ever­greens" or timeless and shouldn't be changed at all, because with each one After a further year of work, the depth of knowledge and qualification increases. It's the art, but also the right time to get started to find an exit or to bring the original professional orientation to the next higher level. With the fast­paced specializations, it­required to explore the under­essence that gives you enables you to always effortlessly realign yourself.

How do you achieve a unique position, do you become more in demand and not arbitrarily interchangeable in your professional field ?

Sinnbildliche 0,1% dargestellt als Golden Nugget unter vielen Schichten

A golden path to greater demand is to deepen your qualifications more and more through specialization and thus to achieve a depth of knowledge and experience as well as competence that is inaccessible to others. With love, perseverance and devotion you can even create your own market. Beforehand it is very advisable to check what is really good for you, what you love about it and what makes out your uniqueness that can be used professionally. If you then gradually let go everything that doesn't really belong to you, you have enough energy left over to achieve the above goal.

What exactly is the Cashcow-Talent ® ?

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Three definition delimitations:

1. A cash cow is the product in a company that simply earns money without doing much or advertising, i.e. it is a self­runner. In this capacity, it can, for example, finance innovations that initially do not generate any returns. The Cashcow-Talent ® is, according to my definition, the point of your essential qualities and abilities with which you can generate an income without any effort. To do this, you have to specialize in it and first need a professional field that suits you to embed it.

2. The Cashcow-Talent ® does not necessarily have to be the same as the "0.1%" uniqueness, but can e.g. only finance it transitionally until a new specialization level and quality of Cashcow-Talent ® it is reached. I call this process life­long and constantly ongoing, nature­conforming specialization, in which we get closer and closer to our essence/core.

3. There is an important differentiation between a Cashcow-Talent ® and the unique, authentic Cashcow-Talent ®. The former uses the skills you have learned to generate cash flow and, although you enjoy earning money with it, can be exhausting or no longer meaningful for you, especially from the second half of your life onwards, the latter essentially the latter essentially uses the possibilities you have brought with you and not learned through foreign knowledge you are original. The closer you are to your "0.1%" in the latter case, the more impossible it will be to copy you and the fulfilled your professional work will be.

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